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How I made it up that hill...

SnoClaws the Logical Alternative to Metal Tire Chains and Snow Chains -> "I ordered SnoClaws one week and used them the following week.  Fresh  snow was hiding slick Ice in Red River, NM which prevented two of us  from climbing up a hill.  This was our only way.  I put on my newly  ordered SnoClaws and made it easily up the hill.  I took my SnoClaws off  and walked back to offer them to the SUV behind me but they had already  slipped partially off the side of the Mt. and had to be pulled out.   When I showed him the SnoClaw he ask what they were.  I explained that’s  what I just used to get me up the hill.  They’re AWESOME!"

Brian Johnson


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SnoClaws Traction System has been Field-Tested now for over 15 Years without a single report of damage to the road, tires, or Vehicle.

Flex when you need It!

Replace Out-Dated Steel Chains


Snow Chains have Remained virtually the same Design for over 100 Years!
Chains  and cables are not resilient, will not "FLEX" with the applied loads,  and cannot rebound to their original shape or mounting configuration  once they are exposed to the inherent characteristics and dynamic loads  of a tire. Considering all the Above Facts, One could not expect rigidly  affixed Steel Tire Chains / Cables to remain mounted to very resilient  and dynamic tires while in motion.


If Steel were the preferred material for Traction, why then are Tires not made of Metal?

When you must Go!

SnoClaws was determined to be the preferred traction system by the Fleet Mgr for durability and ease of use! 

A few of our loyal customers....US Lawns,  Caldwell County EMS, Fort Worth Fire Dept, Pell City Police Dept,  Coastal Marine Transport, TDOT, FedEx Ground Service, Life Force  Emergency Services, Georgia Power Company, Terminix, Mineral Bluff  Sheriff Office, Teller Fire Dept, City of Salem, City Of Moody, Chattanooga Police Dept, OK  Shuttle Services, Alaska State Patrol, Dept of Homeland Security,  Ranier Police Dept, US Forestry Service, US Army, Daytona Beach Patrol,  Mercy Regional EMS, AT&T Fleet Dept, Holland School District,  Collinsville Police Dept, Asheville Fire Dept, JFK Airport Services,  City of Fairbanks, Cherokee EMS, Nebraska Public Power, Moe's Wrecker  Service, Lake Tahoe Special Delivery Services, Maryland Mass Transit,  Cohutta EMS, Gainesville Police Dept, US Postal Services, NYC School  District etc.... 

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Many Years  of Testing and Proven Performance